Welcome to Dandre Development, please feel free to check out my applications developed using google’s App Inventor you can download the free version of my apps as well as the paid versions. My first created app is a 555 Timer Calculator which targets Electronics Hobbyist, it is a very useful tool which allows you to calculate the values for R1 and R2 as well as the desired output Frequency, this tool will save you lots of time and lots of headaches by just the click of a button you will get the calculated values to use in your real circuit.

Calculation Selection

Resistor Unit Selection

555 Timer Calculator

My Second app is focused on the Hispanic community as well as any other ethnic groups who are getting ready to become US Citizens, It is an easy to use interactive study guide. Us Citizenship Quiz helps you memorize the questions for your Citizenship Test by displaying a question and giving a multiple choice answer, at the end of the Quiz it will show you the final score and let you re-take the quiz as many times until you feel confident to take the real Exam.

US Citizenship Quiz

US Citizenship Quiz

US Citizenship Quiz

US Citizenship Quiz


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